Scene Observation

The scene I picked was when the old Kane was leaving his room after destroying it and he passes by a mirror as he is leaving and his reflection is shown numerous times. One technique the filmmaker employed in the scene was reflecting Kane’s image across various mirrors so as to give the illusion that there is more than one reflection of Kane as he is passing the mirror. Another technique used throughout the film was the dim lighting which caused some characters to be covered in shadow and that helped add to the whole effect of the scene because it helped the viewer see the characters in a more darker mood. That technique was used repeatedly towards the end when Kane is old and his life is basically getting worse and the shadows help add to the continuing struggles that the Kane faces as he gets older. Also the filmmaker used a baroque style for many of his scenes and I think he used that kind of style to emphasize the wealth of Kane’s character because usually that kind of style is associated with wealth and power. It also adds to the overabundance that Kane’s character had in his life because he wanted to compensate for sense of loneliness so he surrounded himself with wealth and adornments so that he may feel happier but in the end that was all he had left.

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